Dylan Thinnes
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I am a student of Comp Sci at the University of Edinburgh.
In my spare time, I enjoy camping, Aikido, and coding.
My Blog
My Blog


Register Machines, Part 4 - Nondeterminism, Rose Trees, and Data as Computation

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Sun 23 Aug 15:15:56 BST 2020
In this post, we go over how we can add nondeterminism to our machines using rose trees and a bit of thinking.

Register Machines, Part 3 - Custom Instructions

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Tue 21 Apr 16:37:34 BST 2020
In this post, we will go over how to allow our machine's instructions to be extended by anyone, without knowledge of other instruction extensions.

Register Machines, Part 2 - Freeform Labels

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Sat 18 Apr 18:02:54 BST 2020
In this post, we continue onwards to explore how our register machines can be liberated to have freeform labels.

Register Machines, Part 1 - The Fundamentals

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Wed 12 Feb 15:11:06 GMT 2020
In this post, we go over the concept of register machines, and how some of Haskell's strengths can be used to implement them.

Fun with Bash: The Tee Replicator

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Fri 15 Nov 22:03:29 GMT 2019
A small post on using tee to duplicate input lines an arbitrary number of times.

Bash as a Static Site Generator

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Sat 21 Sep 10:45:08 BST 2019
Going from Rails to Bash to generate this blog quicker and cleaner.

Learning from Projects

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Thu 29 Aug 23:45:37 BST 2019
A set of short guidelines to choosing good projects.

A Short Introduction to GNU dc

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Sat 10 Aug 21:54:28 BST 2019
Looking at how to use GNU dc, an arbitrary precision calculator, as a proper programming language w/ for & while loops.

Fib N-K: A Short Mathematical Exploration

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Sat 3 Aug 17:21:25 BST 2019
A mathematical exploration mini-task to implement in your language of choice!

So, You're Starting a Blog?

By Dylan Thinnes, Published Mon 13 May 16:30:08 BST 2019
A quick intro to what I plan to do on this blog and why.
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