Dylan Thinnes
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I am a student of Comp Sci at the University of Edinburgh.
In my spare time, I enjoy camping, Aikido, and coding.
My Projects
My Projects


SolSys - A Math-Oriented Puzzle

A three year art project for the more mathematically reclined. Uses AWS Lambda, AWS Gateway, NodeJS, and C++


I'm sure you're familiar with million & billion. Did you know that there is a system for writing all the -illions to infinity? conway-wechsler does this all for you, so you need never write out a number by hand ever again!


A simple website to help shopkeepers tally visitors to their stores in the interest of social distancing. Built on websockets.

ASRP Classifier

An image classifier to detect landing faces of irregular dice (archimedean semi-regular polyhedra) and calculate face probabilities using those samples.


A site that can double as a project listing, a contact page, and a blog. Built with Bash, nice and lightweight, and completely no-JS compatible.


A toy mathematical problem around more generalizations of Fibonacci sequences with sample solutions in languages such as Haskell, Haskell's type system, C, dc, jq, and Tcl!

Random Bignum

Provides large pseudorandom numbers on the command line. Mostly a utility for testing conway-wechsler and an attempt at a little program in Rust.


Syncs working directories across multiple terminals and lets you push new working directories to a stack and pull them quickly. Good for those who live in the terminal like me.

Jobber - A Job Tracker

Helps you keep track of multiple jobs while on a job hunt. Originally made for a hackathon. Uses React for the UI, Ruby on Rails for the backend. Still a work in progress.


A one-day shell scripting project to make very quick, in-terminal calculations using the full potential of the Haskell standard library. Uses cat and the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.


Wraps youtube-dl in helper functions which facilitate multiple simulatneous downloads and remember which videos you've already downloaded. This improves on youtube-dl's name-collision approach to download decisions.

Word of the Lord - Bringing Stallman to You

A completely free and open source hardware/software hack. At the press of a button, reads you a random Richard Stallman quote. Won the Github 'Spirit of the Hack' award. Run on a Raspberry Pi, using Wikiquotes and espeak.


Converts SVG files into a series of drawing commands to a canvas. Saves a good deal of space when you need svgs on bitmaps and want to able to modify their attributes quickly, such as stroke and fill color.


Cataloguing the nightmare that is the University of Edinburgh's DNS, one step at a time. Peruse the catalogue, Make your own submissions, and see the ping and http statuses of different domains' resolved addresses.


A lecture hosting site for fellow University of Edinburgh students.
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