Dylan Thinnes
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I am a student of Comp Sci at the University of Edinburgh.
In my spare time, I enjoy camping, Aikido, and coding.
About Me
About Me

about me & this site

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Dylan! I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, welcome to my website.

I'm very passionate about technology's capacity to connect and inform people. I love coming up with novel platforms and projects, even more if I can apply some newfangled language while I do it.

About this Site

I wanted to make a site that prioritizes having a very small footprint, yet still looks nice and behaves like a single page site, and can gracefully drop back if JavaScript is disabled. I think I succeeded in that respect.

  • Aside from content and profile picture, the server sends less than 5 kilobytes over the network after assets are minified and compressed.
  • When Javascript is disabled, links to different endpoints request prerendered static assets that are identical to what would be dynamically loaded if JS were enabled.
  • When Javascript is enabled, it takes over regular link behaviour and uses XHR and the History API instead, loading only the content you need.
To see the source code, go to Github.

To see licensing info for all JavaScript on this site:
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